established 1910
Piatak Meats 219-980-3520
Fresh Polish Sausage
our flagship sausage (along with the smoked polish) also known as garlic sausage.

Potato sausage
a swedish sausage made with pork, potatoes and onions

Apple Sausage
with real bits of fresh apples

Italian Sausage (hot and mild)
loaded with real whole fennel

Bratwurst Sausage
a german favorite

Pork Breakfast links
delicious and sagey

Tuscan Brat (new)
A pork sausage that is a tasty blend of Parmesan cheese, sun dried tomato, garlic onion and crushed red pepper.

Bleu Buffalo Chicken (new)
Our first chicken sausage, made of buffalo wing sause and bits of bleu cheese.

Pineapple Bacon (new)
A tasty blend of our own bacon and pieces of sweet pineapple!

Spanish Sausage
similar to chorizo with plenty of paprika

Hot and Mild Polish Sausage
(bun length) a basic sausage perfect
for all your favorite toppings

Cajun (andouille) Sausage
great for jambalaya

Hot Links
one of Piatak best sellers
super hot

lean, ground extra coarse,
ham and pork

fine ground veal and pork
similar to ring bologna

Smoked Polish
our flagship sausage (along with the fresh polish) also known as garlic sausage.

extra lean pork
in a narrow, tender casing
Fresh Sausages
Smoked Sausages
Turkey Sausages
Hot and mild polish

Italian Sausage

Bratwurst Sausage

Breakfast links

made with only turkey meat no pork
Barley Kishka
also known as blood sausage

Pizza Sausage (bulk Italian)
same as Italian but with no casing
great for sandwiches and pizza

Hot Breakfast sausage (bulk) same as pork links but
with out the casing
perfect for breakfast patties
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More than 25 different
hand link sausages made
from the original Piatak
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